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Cave Is A Multi Spin Video Slot

Goblin's Cave is a 'multi-spin' video slot machine, meaning there's more than one set of reels on the machine, and you'll have a chance to match symbols on each set of reels. There's 3 reel sets in total - and each 'spin' begins with setting the first set of reels along the bottom. After the first set of reels is done spinning, you have the option of holding any symbols you'd like. Any symbols you've held will appear on each of the 3 reel sets. You then spin again - and all reels that do not have held symbols will spin until the game is set. Goblin's Cave is frankly a little boring. It pays out smaller amounts more frequently - but with a 'jackpot' of 150 coins - what's the point? More often than not wins are very small, and matching 3 coins game after game gets tired. .

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