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Carnaval Is A Five

Cinerama Is A Mid Level Slot

Cinerama is a mid-level slot machinethat usually works up some pretty big jackpots. On the one hand, that probably means they're hard to hit - but on the other, there are few games with jackpots this high that are accessible for $3 a spin, which is exactly what it will cost you to play Cinerama with max coins. The theme works pretty well if you're a film buff, offering movie reels, cameras, and Hollywood stars amongst other things as reel symbols. 3 Hollywood stars wins the jackpot - but only. if max coins are played. Hollywood stars are also 'wild' symbols. Lower payouts are still pretty good - 3 cameras for example is the second highest win, but at 1500 coins is still more of a 'jackpot' than most regular games, so this is a good game to play if you're hunting for a big win on a budget. .

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