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Fisherman Slots

Fisherman bonus slot . THE GAME. Fisherman Slot is a 3 reel 1 line classic slot with a bonus feature and a 5000 coin jackpot. HOW TO PLAY. Choose the coin value of the machine. First of all, choose a good Fisherman (your special bonus will depend on how fast your Fisherman will catch the fishes so you'd rather pick a good one): Choose the amount you wish to deposit into the slot machineby clicking on the 'Bet 1' or 'Bet Max' buttons, ("bet Max" spins whells immediately). The amount wagered is not deducted from your account until you spin the wheels. If you exit the game before hitting a spin button, you will not lose any credits. SPECIAL BONUS. Special bonuses are granted for each step of the race up to 555 coins if your Fisherman wins the contest. You win coins at each step of the contest. When a fisherman wins the contest, a new one begins with every Fishermen in the starting blocks.

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