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The number of games and manufacturers of coin-operated machines are almost end less. Choose from slot, gumball, cigar, music, clocks, cash registers, pinball, gun, and weigh machines, horse gaming and golf, to name a few. Slot authoritarian, Marshall Fey, author of "Slot Machines: A Pictoral History of the First 100 Years," said the slot machine mushroomed into a premier collectible after 1976, the year that California legalized antique slot machinecollecting. Many states have since followed suit. Robert Levy of Pennsauken, N.J., who has more than 250 antique slots, said he collects because "they increase in value every year. They are a good investment, very entertaining, they make wonderful banks, and they will never be made again." His oldest is dated 1893. Levy, who is for two price guides in the U.S. and one in England, said he has bought and sold slot machines for 14 years. For some collectors, "seek and find" offers the most enjoyment. The rare ones are difficult to locate because many of them were taken to the city dump and are lost forever. Some collectors like the "thrill" of owning an illegal item. Not every state condones ownership of a slot machine, and some states require that it be a certain age before it can be sold. Levy said the Attorney General's office of each state regulates the sale of slot machines, and it is best to check with that office before buying. Cosmetic changes over the years are not the only consequences of the modern world of gaming. "With the old machines, you played one coin at a time and it paid on the center line. You could have fun playing and watching and waiting for the symbols to come up. Today's electronic slots play up to 60 lines at one time; they will take $100 dollar bills and will, geometrically, take money unbelieveably quicker. You can sit down and in a matter of seconds, your money is gone, and so is the fun of the game. .

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