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Magic Slot Machine

Magic Slots is a magician themed game that looks completely different than all the other slots offered at Playtech casinos. And while all Playtech slots can be played pretty fast - this one's even faster. What's frustrating about this game is the lack of smaller reel combinations coming up. There really aren't that many on the paytable to start with - so you can play through a lot of games without hitting much better than three bars. Still, this game is really all about the jackpot - which at the time of this writing is huge. ! There's also a bonus game that's designed to keep you spinning - getting 3 magic wands opens up a bonus game. Not 3 wands in one spin mind you - but rather in a sitting. Each time a wand lands on a reel it's added to a 'collection' on the side - and once you've gotten three the game begins. Sadly, we never managed to get 3 wands in a sitting - so just what the bonus game is, we're not sure. But as wands appear to be few and far between, it's probably pretty good :) .

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