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Nbsp Here S Some Advice To Play The Slot Machines

  Here's some advice to play the slot machines, 1. Always load up a progressive machine. The progressives don't pay as often or as many of the small winning combinations that simple machines do, so you are actually playing for the jackpot only. In that case, you have to load them up in order to get the jackpot. Read the payout table!   2. Pay attention to the sound of the casino. Notice which slot machines are hitting and which aren't. oftentimes there will seem to be "hot" carousels and cold ones. Follow like sheep to the hot ones.   3. Play the progressives with the highest jackpots. It makes sense to seek the greatest reward if you're willing to take the progressive risk. As the change person for help in locating top jackpots.   4. Stake out a seemingly hot carousel and spend an evening (between dinner and second show time) watching how the machines do. Once you've seen enough, go to sleep. Then come back in the very early hours of the morning and hit the ones that have been played hard but haven't hit yet!   5. Resist the temptation to move up the pay scale when you're losing. Because slots have the worst odds, increasing your level of play can be the worst bet in the house! If you must keep playing, get off the progressives and find some simple nonprogressive (flat top) machines.   6. When you finally hit a jackpot�� just sit there. Take a deep breath. Don't mistakenly pull the handle again or touch a button. Most jackpots, especially those that are $1,000 or more, are paid by an attendant who will come over to verify your win and pay you off in cash. .

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