Reels Slot Monkey Symbol Scatter Scatter Combination Appear
Slot Dose Symbol Double
Rapid Reels Is A
Sand Storm Is A Three
Payout Head Slot Three Symbol Complete Lion
Single Pay Line Progressive Slot
Single Payline Progressive Slot
Slots Is A Reel Line Slot
The Beginning Of The Slot Machine

Not True Slot

If you hit big on a machine you won't hit again. Not true! - Slot machines have a computer chip that operates the random number generator that causes a variation from 1 to several billion combinations in a matter of milliseconds beginning the second you spin. Whatever the number the random number generator is on in that split second that you spun is what you see on the screen. This number is compared by the computer chip, to a table in the memory and the result is the combination you spun. The casino can, at will, loosen the slots or tighten them up. Not true! - The payout rates are set and can not be changed by the casinos and these rates are audited by outside companies insuring fair play. You must consider that a reputable casino puts it's reputation on a very high set of standards and even attempting to change the payouts would risk the integrity that the casino has built for itself. If a machine hasn't hit in awhile it is due to hit. Not true! - . The games are totally random due to the Random Number Generator and do not 'remember' when it hit last and does not predict when it will hit again. I have played at land based casinos and sat at a particular machine for hours several days in a row and it never hit. And on the same train of thought, I have hit a particular machine two or three times in one sitting. If you get up from a machine and someone else sits down and hits the big one, this means that if you hadn't moved you would have won. Not true! - No matter whether it's you or the next person in line, the spinner must hit the spin button at the precise time that the Random Number Generator lines up with the winning combination. The odds of you hitting the button at the same millisecond as the 'next' player are not calculatable. You are least likely to win at a slot machine. Not true! - . Slot machines have among the highest payouts of any video gambling machines. Odds are changed to pay higher on weekends or other high traffic times. Not true! Again going back to the integrity of the casino and the ability to change the payouts, the casino has no control over this as it is all done with the Random Number Generator and in the case of land based casinos, the machines arrive at the casino with the Random Number Generators preset. All winning combinations have an equal chance of being hit:. Not true! -. The larger the payout on a win, the smaller the chance a player has to get that win. Therefore, a player most likely will win many small combinations in a sitting, and winning the actual big payoff has a much less probability of being hit. This is why it is called gambling, you're taking a chance and have no assurances of winning but you do have the promise of a fair chance.

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