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Similar To Nbsp Regular Slot

Progressive slots are very similar to  regular slot machines with one difference, there is a jackpot that is constantly gaining in value. The value of the jackpot is updated regularly and displayed at all times on top of the screen.  Progressive slots are a group of a great number of slot machines that are linked together by a network. A small  percentage of the money that is wagered on each game on each machine in the network, is added to the total progressive jackpot. Anyone playing any machine in the network can win the jackpot. One thing about progressive slots is that the Progressive Jackpot is not shown in coins but it's shown in credits. For example, if the progressive reads out 9,700 it means credits not that many coins. In progressive slots the jackpots are considerably larger than regular jackpots, some are large enough to be life changing. There are two major things to remember about all progressive slots, first the money for the jackpot comes from a part of the money played through the machine and second is that in order to win the jackpot you absolutely must be playing the maximum coins. If you don't want to play the max then progressives are not what you want to play. The jackpot in the progressive slots keeps growing until one lucky player hits it big. After a progressive jackpot has been won the network of machines gets reset to a pre-determined number and the play starts again. Always look for the slot game with the biggest jackpot there is a better chance that it will be won sooner. If you are that lucky player and you do win the progressive jackpot then a splash screen will appear to let you know that you have it. What a lot of  progressive slot players are not aware of is that there are two levels of play, primary and secondary. A primary jackpot is the very top jackpot that if offered when a player gets the combination which will pay for the jackpot. The top or primary jackpot, is the jackpot that shows the most money and is usually shown with a bigger display than secondary jackpots. Secondary jackpots are displayed much smaller but like the primary jackpots they still increase according to the amount of play through money. The secondary jackpots are hit more often so they don't usually have jackpots that are as large as the primary. If both jackpots are high (primary and secondary) this indicates that neither one have been hit, but have had a lot of play so the chances of winning the jackpot sooner are much greater. A player has many choices to make when they are about to play progressive slots, as long as you know what you are looking for and are well informed on the rules and payouts you should do very well.   .

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