The Grand Daddy Of All Micrograming Progressive Slots
These Are The Slot
Three Payout Symbol Thief Slot Winning Wild Jewel Maximum
Symbols Symbol Appear Slot
Symbol Slot Two Monkey
Slot There Maximum Wild Coins Five No Winning
Sunken Treasure Reel Line Bonus Feature Video Slot
Slot Symbol
Bet Great Slot $ Win Progressive Progressive Jackpot Jackpot
Three Out Appears Symbol Silver Slot Scarab Reels Position

Slot Pay

The number of lines the machine will pay on depends on the amount of coins deposited. One coin only may pay the middle line, if you hit a winning combination on a line that has not been activated, you win nothing. A second coin will pay the top line as well, a third coin - then the bottom line, so now any of the three horizontals will pay should a paying combination be hit, a fourth, the diagonal and a fifth, the other diagonal. Read the machine, find out how many lines to play, pay, and win. Anywhere from three, five and into the twenties. .

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