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The Liberty Bell Slot
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The Beginning Of The Slot Machine

Liberty Bell.The Beginning of the slot machine. German Immigrant, Charles Fey, credited with inventing slot machine. In California, (especially San Francisco), in the 1890's, gambling was a popular type of entertainment. Many forms of slot machines existed at that time. Charles Fey aimed at competing with these existing slot machines with his "Liberty Bell". The "Liberty Bell" had many unique features that soon distinguished his machines. Players liked the Liberty Bell, and any good establishment gives the players what they like. The Liberty Bell was a big hit, and Charles Fey was given credit for inventing a "new" standard in slot machines, that to this day has some influence. In the 1890's, slot machines can best be described as semi-legal. By paying the players, slot machines were made illegal, and eventually banned in California. Charles Fey continued to produce his machines regardless. He knew his machines were popular and that the end users were the ones using his inventions illegally. Why should he give up producing, when as far as he was concerned, they were legal if used correctly? He continued to produce and sell his inventions, and was eventually arrested and fined. It was never legal to produce or own slot machines again in California as long as Charles Fey was alive. Production was legal in other states and these producers often copied his machines and sold them to his clients. I wonder what Charles Fey would be thinking of doing in the year 2000 with Internet gambling and online casinos. Are we missing out on the latest invention of the "Liberty Bell"? .

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