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The Strike M Up Slot

Strike'm'up. THE GAME :. The "STRIKE'M'UP" slot machineis a "Three line" payout with two 5000 Coins Jackpots. HOW TO PLAY :. 1. Verify that you have credits in the credit window. 2. Select the coin value you want to play. 3. Press "Bet1" once, twice, or three times depending on how many coins you want to bet, then "Spin", or "Bet Max" and will start spinning automatically with a 3coin bet. -1 coin : you play line 1. -2 coins : you play lines 1 and 2 -3 coins : you play lines 1, 2 and 3. SPECIAL FEATURES :. Each time you show a pin on a reel it will be added on the track. - When you get 3 pins horizontal you get paid three coins and they disappear. -When a column gets to the top you get paid 100 coins and the row disappears. -When 2 columns get to the top at the same time, you get paid 5000 coins and the two rows disappear. -When you get 3 "Strike'm'Up" symbols, you get paid 2500 coins on center line, 2500 coins on upper line, 5000 coins on lower line.

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