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The Yeti Quest Slot

Yeti Quest. THE GAME. The "Yeti Quest" slot machineis a "Three lines" payout with a 5000 Coins Jackpot. -1 coin : you play line 1. -2 coins : you play lines 1 and 2. -3 coins : you play lines 1, 2 and 3. HOW TO PLAY. 1. Select the coin value you want to play. 2. Verify that you have credits in the credit window. 3. Press "Bet1" "Bet2"or "Bet3" (3 coins), depending on how many coins you want to bet, then "Spin" it will start spinning automatically. Bet Max" will start spinning automatically using "3 coins". SPECIAL FEATURES :. The game bonus symbol activates the Bonus Wheel. The symbol showing up on this wheel determines your position on the bonus table. .

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