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Variations On The Basic Slot

In an attempt to bring something new and different to the slot player, some variations on the basic slot machines have been introduced. Some of these include: Progressive machines:. These multiple-coin machines do not payoff a set payoff rather the jackpot increases with each play. If no one has hit the jackpot for some time the jackpot can grow to gargantuan size. While the odds are small the payoff can be huge. One note, if playing at a casino and you are lucky enough to hit a big one, do not leave the machine. The machines are programmed to pay only a percentage in coins the rest of the winnings will be paid out by a check issued by the casino. Stay at the machine until a casino employee comes over to the machine, should you leave some scam artists are all too willing to quickly sit at the machine and claim that the payoff is theirs. Double or nothing machines:. Some slots have added a wheel that can be played after a win. These doubling wheels are even bets, you have a 50/50 chance of doubling (or losing) your winnings. They do not change the house edge on the machine, but do add a bit of spice to the game that some players enjoy. Nudge machines:. Have a light mounted on them that comes on occasionally. If on the player may move (nudge) a wheel forward or backward one location. Sometimes this is all that is required for a losing hand to become a winner. The house edge on these machines is generally the same as for regular slots. Wheel-of-Fortune Machines:. These machines contain a wheel mounted on top of a slot machineand also a sizable progressive jackpot. When the winning symbols appears on the slot machinethe wheel spins and the player has a chance at winning the wheel-of fortune jackpot. .

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